Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two Resources for the SAT

Ah! The joys of the SAT!  The smell of freshly sharpened #2 pencils, the smell of fear oozing from the forehead pores of frightened juniors.  There's nothing like it.

Oh course you want to prepare them for the beast.  You could go out and buy one of those super thick prep books, but even you - an English teacher - do not want to wade through that boring quagmire.  Do we just leave kids to the wolves?  Of course not!  We're not just English teachers, we're EXTREME English teachers.

Resource #1
I used to teach an SAT prep class and I swear by this book.  Up Your Score

It is not only the thinnest SAT prep book on the market, it is the only one that students will actually read.  I cannot keep one in my classroom.  Students steal it all the time (well, they borrow it and start passing it around to friends and I never get it back).

It was made by four kids who score perfect or near perfect scores on the SAT and realized that it was pretty easy for them, but not for their peers.  So they decided to make a prep book that would actually be used.  These guys are old now, so every two years they hire one or two students who also made top scores and have them update the book (we don't want any Growing Pains references in there, now do we?).

Their tips are top notch and they know their audience.  When my son is about to take his SAT, he will get a copy of this from me.

They also have an ACT version.

Resource #2

A teacher friend of mine shared this with me.

This guy put together a rather extensive site on how to write the essay for the SAT.  He has a structure to the madness so that students can go in already knowing how they are going to write their essay.  There are links to get into his concept deeper if you want.


Do you have any great resources to add to this list?

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